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Pivoting to a rebrand.

“Off Leash” is no more. Long live “Views from the 415,” a testament to my home area code and a reference to my love for Drake.

(It also more accurately describes what this newsletter is about. That, and “Dear White People” was taken.)

This week, like every week since 2017 it seems, was a big one for labor. Sacramento teachers went on strike for a day on Thursday to bring attention to all the broken promises the district has made with the City Teachers Association ahead of a potential state takeover looming if they don’t balance their budget by June 20. I covered this for The Baffler, which I’ll link to whenever it’s published.

In the latest episode of the labor saga between pretty much every bargaining unit/union and the University of California, AFSCME 3299 — which represents patient care workers, technicians, and other public workers — went on a 1-day strike with support from UPTE and others to call attention to the unfair labor practices they allege UC has engaged in, leading them to file not one but two complaints with the Public Employment Review Board (PERB). I covered the strike for SF Weekly.

Also on Thursday, workers from IFPTE Local 21 and SEIU Local 1021 marched with Jobs With Justice SF on City Hall to protest growing income inequality between workers and tech moguls. Uber is going public sometime soon and even as it’s losing money, the NYT writes it will be valued ~$100 million, while its drivers are living in their cars and just begging for a wage to be able to live comfortably.

Meanwhile, after Vallejo police shot a sleeping man in a Taco Bell parking lot, the Chief announced his retirement. The SF Chronicle reports that he’ll earn a pension of $19K per month, which comes out to $328,000 a year, along with a salary of $240,000 for acting as “Interim Police Chief” That comes out to a combined total of $568,000 A YEAR.

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RIP Willie McCoy.

In comparison, the family of Luis Pat Gongora, a Guatemalan man whom SFPD shot to death in April 2016, will receive $140,000 in a settlement, SF Weekly reports.