View From The 415, Good Friday edition

"He's not the Messiah, he's a naughty, naughty boy!"

This week, part of the Notre-Dame burned down, the redacted version of the Mueller report came out, a journalist was killed in a Northern Ireland riot, and SF’s beloved Beach Blanket Babylon ended its almost 50-year run.

A terrible photo I took when I was abroad in fall 2015. The roof and spire faintly visible in the background are now entirely gone.

France’s richest families pledged millions of Euros to rebuild the parts of the Notre-Dame that fell, a fact that was not lost on the gilet jaunes, or the Yellow Vests, a loose group of frustrated French citizens, mostly from poorer suburbs and countryside towns, who have been protesting for almost six months and screaming for the French government to alleviate wealth inequity, after proposed taxes would have levied the harshest consequences on the poorest classes. They were banned from protesting near the Notre-Dame this weekend.

I also wrote about wealthy inequality and how Lyft drivers are driving longer hours and farther than ever before because rising gas prices and Lyft’s continuous tweaks to its algorithm mean that they’re constantly having to work harder to make up the difference while executives pocket the difference and enjoy their massive post-IPO rewards. All of this, for this week’s SF Weekly print issue. The Guardian also did a great piece on it, here.

Workers across New England at the grocery chain Stop & Shop have been on strike over what they say is a proposed reduction to their take-home wages, and increased health coverage premiums. Even though the strike is only 7 days old, it’s already the longest strike in Stop & Shop’s history, and few customers have crossed the picket lines, one striking worker told WPRI.

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May Lyra McKee, the Yellow Vests, Stop & Shop strikers, and rideshare drivers get justice.

Happy Easter.

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