🌁View from the 415🌉

moving, etc.

Hello! As of September 3, I will be a staff writer and associate editor at FCW.com, covering the federal workforce and technology, which means I will be moving to the Washington, D.C. area sometime at the end of August. (Hopefully) I will continue to freelance, and share my work occasionally but with much less frequency.

I’m very proud of all the work I’ve done in San Francisco since moving back in 2017.

  • I covered the Anchor Brewing Company when they became the first craft brewery to unionize, here, and here. (SF Weekly)

  • I covered Lyft and Uber drivers’ efforts to unionize, which quickly became a worldwide movement, for Talk Poverty and SF Weekly.

  • I wrote about the Camp Fire and how it quickly became the largest wildfire in California, largely due to unchecked suburban development and sprawl. (The Baffler)

  • I wrote about the Sacramento teachers’ strike and how Proposition 13 was and continues t be a disaster for public school funding statewide. (The Baffler) — Recognized as a “New Classic in Labor Writing”!!!

Elsewhere, my friend and fellow freelancer Michael Toren (@michael_toren) is doing fantastic work at 48 Hills, covering the ongoing Bryan Carmody story, in which SFPD knowingly arrested a freelance broadcast journalist for allegedly leaking a report with details of recently deceased Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s death.

As usual, I can be reached at liaruss@gmail.com, or on Twitter @LiaOffLeash.