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There’s Power in a Union

Bernie Sanders joined a group of striking workers at UCLA during his campaign tour, and his campaign staff unionized, the first to do so.

I covered the UCSF strike here in the Bay Area for SF Weekly, talking to the researchers and technicians who struck from 4 AM Wednesday morning in the pouring rain until 4 AM the next day.

Elsewhere, the staff at Motivate LLC - the Lyft-owned company that hosts FordGoBikes - signaled their intent to unionize and signed pledged cards with the NLRB. They vote on March 28 whether to join the Transit Workers Union, which also includes 2000 MUNI workers, according to Joe Rodriguez Fitzgerald at SF Examiner.

Confirmed: Florida Men Are The Worst

In what is in all likelihood a violation of the Constitution, a bill proposed in the Florida house would strip certain populations of their voting rights, months after they voted to restore them in the 2018 midterms.

According to The Appeal, the bill (which was debated and forwarded on Tuesday)

could exclude people who are still paying off fines and fees — and it could bar people convicted of such crimes as manslaughter, vehicular homicide, and attempted murder from ever voting again.

Though it would not broaden the definition of murder beyond first and second-degree offenses, it would add dozens of sex-related offenses to the list of crimes that constitute “felony sexual offense,” such as trafficking and locating an adult entertainment store within 2,500 feet of a school.

The bill also would require that court fines, fees, and financial obligations be paid off before someone is eligible to register to vote, even if the fees were not part of someone’s sentence and even if the individual never went to prison.

Therefore, those convicted of drunk driving, prostitution/solicitation, and debtors could be barred from voting.

2020 Discourse Will Kill Us All Before 2020

I have never been a fan of Kamala Harris but her failure to investigate Bay Area PDs for their role in trafficking Celeste Guap is one of the most egregious things. After a stay on sealing police records expired this week, the San Jose Mercury found that Richmond PD officers (where Guap lives) were disciplined for lying to internal affairs about their role in the scandal.

“The same forces of colonialism and capitalism that created the drug trade and the destruction of our climate have also been battling her people, and all of this is a fight that is both public and intensely personal, born out of the firsthand experiences of her family.” — The Trap-House Busting Vigilante of Pine Ridge Reservation, Topic