Off Leash 4.5

Round-up coverage of the last week's horrifying events so you don't have to.

Thinking of the 49 Muslims massacred in Christchurch, New Zealand, the brave teenager who egged a hateful Australian senator who blamed “Muslim migration” for attacks, and the two even braver NYU co-eds — one Jewish, one Muslim — who confronted Chelsea Clinton for her hypocrisy in attending a vigil after she helped smear Rep. Ilhan Omar for rightfully calling out the stranglehold that AIPAC has on American politics when it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Brendan O’Connor, The Nation, “White Supremacy is Bigger Than 8Chan.”

Adam Serwer, The Atlantic, “White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots.

Leen Dweik and Rose Asaf, Buzzfeed, “We Confronted Chelsea Clinton at the Christchurch Vigil. Here’s Why.”