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The Internet is Alive and Evil

Yesterday, at least four people targeted two New Zealand mosques in Christchurch during Friday prayers and killed 49 people. One shooter livestreamed the entire thing for 17 minutes on Facebook, and it was later shared to Twitter. He also published a 70+ page manifesto detailing his white supremacist views and hatred for Muslims, Jews, Communists/Marxists, and other vile vitriol. He specifically mentioned that Trump and the Internet radicalized him.

Thankfully, the mainstream media seems to have learned from the last mass shooting and haven’t shared any of the manifesto or any of the video, which Youtube/Facebook/Twitter/etc. have “pledged” to take down. Today, I protested in front of Twitter HQ to recognize that Jack Dorsey, its CEO and co-founder, was complicit in this by not banning Nazis and other sympathetic accounts, including our POTUS.

Wednesday brought the much welcome news that Anchor Brewing Co, the SF company that makes Anchor Steam beer, voted 31-16 to unionize with the ILWU! Given how dirty the management and executives played (holding captive audience meetings, telling the workers they had to “give something up” in order to negotiate, etc.) - to the point that an “unfair labor practices” complaint was filed with the NLRB, this is an even sweeter victory.

I wrote about it for SF Weekly after the decision came down, here.

After Jeff Adachi - the Chief Public Defender in SF - died of a (suspected) heart attack on February 22, Gary Delagnes, the former President of San Francisco’s Police Officers Association, went on a Facebook tirade against Adachi.

Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

The SFPOA is the Thin Blue Line personified. Last June, when Proposition H - the city measure that would have allowed SFPD to set its own policies regarding use of tasers without independent oversight - was defeated, the POA went on the attack, trying to sneakily pass their own policies anyway in a series of backdoor deals. In 2015, they also fought successfully to be able to view their own body camera footage before making a full report, ostensibly to avoid any discrepancies after police shootings. Don’t forget #Textgate, either, and how much they spent to defend the officers involved. I could go on and on, but we’d both be here all day.

Wednesday, the POA announced they had ‘separated’ from Delagnes, who has since been working as a consultant for the union after stepping down from his presidency.

As of Thursday morning, Delagnes was still on a rant about it on Facebook, because clearly he hasn’t learned anything from this.

Who wants to tell this dude that The Sopranos ended 12 years ago and that James Galdofini is dead? Because he’s acting like a D-list Tony Soprano.

In light of today’s news, I mostly feel hopeless and numb so I’m listening to any and all non-political podcasts at work. Here are a few I recommend:

  • To Live and Die In L.A.: An LA Times reporter tries to solve the case of Adea Shabani, a Macedonian actress/model who disappeared in 2018.

  • Who The Hell Is Hamish?: An Australian journalist follows the life and times of Hamish Watson, a grifter who conned people out of millions in Australia, New Zealand, the US, the UK, Canada, and pretty much every first world country.

  • Not Your Century: Short, five-minute podcast episodes by San Francisco Chronicle about undercovered and little-known events in the Bay Area.

  • Working People: Maximilian Alvarez interviews working class people - teachers, line cooks, construction workers, sex workers, cashiers, plumbers, miner - about their “hopes, dreams, and aspirations.”