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IWD2019: The world and Baghdad-by-the-Bay continue to wild out.

Happy International Women’s Day (and my birthday)!

Unlike other “feminist holidays,” IWD has somehow managed to remain relatively free of corporate saturation, at least in the small bubbles I move in and out of. In a world where pussy hats are somehow still a thing, I was glad at least one good thing hasn’t been ruined but somehow today has proven me wrong and it’s not even 1PM yet*.

*I started writing this at 12:31PM.

In Today’s Feminist News:

A judge just sent Chelsea Manning, the woman who leaked to Wikileaks and showed us the horrors of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, to jail for refusing to testify.

The NYT published an article that due to today’s impending IPOs, hypergentrified San Francisco is going to face YET ANOTHER WAVE OF BILLIONAIRES, because tech executives make too much money for their own good while the rest of us starve. Hope you like me living at home, Mom, because it looks like your baby’s gonna be stuck here for another while.

Prediction: this manbaby was one of those kids who started going bald when he was 12 and has probably looked like he’s 45 his entire life.
Even the name is cool: Soldiers of Pole

Bad Girls Like Good Contracts

Strippers in L.A. have started agitating for a union because of wage theft, racism, sexism, misogyny, and a myriad other issues. This actually has HUGE implications for labor across multiple sectors. Last spring, the California Supreme Court ruled in Dynamex vs. L.A. that the standard would be reinterpreted so workers are considered employees by default (thus giving them more of an advantage to claim benefits such as PTO, vacation, paid sick leave, and others) and now the onus is on employers to prove it if they want to classify workers as “independent contractors,” a.k.a. gig workers.

In response, clubs across the state have had to reclassify their dancers as workers entitled to employee benefits, to which they have responded by undercutting their dancers’ wages and claiming it’s for Social Security, taxes, etc. They’ve been doing similar things for decades now right here in ~progressive~ San Francisco, such as setting “house fees” so dancers have to pay to work, and not giving the same opportunities and shifts to dancers of color as their white counterparts, because America runs on racism.

Most clubs in California also all have the same owner, so there’s a monopoly and very few independent competitors, much like our tech overlords, Google and Amazon.

Similarly, it has emerged that DoorDash, the food delivery app, has a terrible policy where, according to their website, they allow drivers to keep

“100% of their customers’ tips and] least $1 from DoorDash plus 100% of the customer tip. Where that sum is less than the guaranteed amount, DoorDash will provide a pay boost to make sure [drivers] receive the guaranteed amount. Where that sum is more than the guaranteed amount, [they] pocket the extra amount.”

Translated, there’s a difference between how much the driver gets if they’re tipped in cash versus through the DoorDash application, which means that DoorDash is at leisure to count its drivers’ tips towards their base guaranteed pay if a customer tips through the app.

In response, Aaron Peskin, an SF Supervisor for District 3, filed a complaint with the Office of Labor Standards Enforcement and asked them to name him as the public complainant. It takes a few weeks usually for companies to respond, so in the meantime, maybe hold off on ordering anything thru DoorDash.

On a positive note: I normally hate the overpaid bloviating idiots who pass for NYT columnists, but here’s a very lovely piece on returning to your hometown to make it “better” from a woman who lives in rural MN.