Off Leash 1.0

Hello, friends I’ve bullied into supporting my writing and mom! Welcome to the first Off Leash newsletter! Here’s an evergreen meme:

Essentially I’m going to use this here newsletter thingy to very very occasionally plug my writing (in addition to Facebook and Twitter), stuff I’ve read and really liked, and other organizing I’m doing. Professional journalism is crawling with elitism and false promises of meritocracy that prop up (a lot of) undeserving people and make it harder for everyone else to make a living. Stop telling the Bari Weisses of the world that they’re special snowflakes and start giving journalism jobs to people who actually reflect our country! Poor people! People of color! Queer and trans people! People who have battled drug dependencies! Homeless folks! Immigrants!

Stuff I’ve written:

  • the time my grandparents’ house burnt down in the Camp Fire and Mask Oakland/DSA SF’s mutual aid mask campaign for The Baffler.

  • the Bay Area sex worker community and what happened after FOSTA/SESTA passed in April 2018 for Broke Ass Stuart.

  • ROC United, Barbara Ehrenreich, and how #MeToo fails to protect low-wage service workers from sexual harassment for The American Prospect.

Stuff I’ve read recently and liked:

  • My friend Nuala Sawyer at SF Weekly wrote about gentrification in the Mission district and how one small volunteer group is slowly keeping its Latinx culture alive.

  • CNN published this truly wild series on how James Brown and his wife may have been murdered????

  • The LAnd - a new alt-weekly rising out of the hollowed-out LA Weekly’s ashes - published this profile of an Inglewood rapper who has “survived the death, deportation and displacement of his family and friends.”

In other news:

  • My State Senator and former District Supervisor, Scott Wiener, did a rare good thing and introduced a statewide bill that would protect sex workers from prosecution when they report a crime to police. The issue is that he cited SFPD as a model but there’s no accountability in his bill and the SFPD has continued to treat sex workers as disposable criminals instead of, y’know, human beings.

  • My friend Brace and his coworkers continue to agitate for a union at Anchor Steam Brewery! All workers should have a union and be able to live in the city they work in! ⚓🍻⚓🍻