Hi there - I’m a journalist, originally from San Francisco, now in Washington, D.C. For my day job I’m the Federal Workforce reporter at FCW. I also freelance and mainly write about labor and leftist politics, occasionally about sex work and the environment. This newsletter mostly as a plug for those stories I publish and anything else I’m reading that I find interesting.

Stuff I’ve written:

  • How tech companies exploited loopholes in labor law to keep gig workers atomized and desitute, often without healthcare or minimum wage, for The New Republic.

  • How a California law meant to protect sex workers from violence falls short in the aftermath of SESTA/FOSTA, for The Baffler.

  • The time my grandparents’ house burnt down in the Camp Fire and Mask Oakland/DSA SF’s mutual aid mask campaign for The Baffler.

  • I interviewed service workers, leaders from ROC United, and journalist Barbara Ehrenreich about how #MeToo fails to include the experiences low-waged workers in the service industry, for The American Prospect.