Joining The Strikewave!

As of today, I’m a member of the editorial board at Strikewave!

Strikewave is an independent newsletter that publishes original reporting and analysis on the labor movement.

If you’ve read my writing before, you probably read it there. I wrote about the NewsGuild-CWA’s successes organizing newsrooms in right-to-work states during COVID-19, the Sunrise Movement’s alleged union-busting, and University of California-Santa Cruz PhD students fighting for a higher cost of living adjustment, which were all published in Strikewave.

I’m very excited for this. The people on the board are all people I look up to and admire as labor experts and journalists.

That said, I’m still a graduate student in need of a job. (Editing Strikewave is a labor of love.) If you’re an editor in need of a scrappy investigative reporter after May, please hire me.